Rob on Trumpet-Piano-Bass

Trumpet Lessons

An easy Internet search about the benefits of playing music and taking lessons, leaves no question about how musicians have improved the quality of their lives and those around them.

With over 50 years of trumpet playing, Rob has shared his wisdom and insights about playing trumpet with many over the years.

Students, both young and old, need a combination of information and guidance about embouchure development, posture, breath control, reading skill development, ear training, rhythmic development, musical composition, repertoire building, music theory and general music appreciation.

Rob customizes instruction based on the individual needs and goals of each student.

Jazz instruction (all instruments)

Guided, self paced learning exploring all factors of music, theory, jazz improvisation, practicing techniques and routines, scheduled as needed by appointment. We explore various performance techniques, ensemble etiquette, getting and managing “gigs”, and exploring marketing ideas.

Fee Schedule

Type Minutes Fee
Individual 30 $35
Individual 60 $65
Individual 90 $90
Group* 90 $25
* The group fee is based on a minimum of 6 students per group.

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