With over 50 years of musicianship, Rob is offering to share his knowledge with others by offering both individual and group instruction in a variety of topics.

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Individualized instruction

  • Weekly Trumpet Lessons (beginning to advanced levels) 30/60/90 minutes.
  • Weekly Jazz Lessons (any instrument) 60/90 minutes.
  • Coaching (any instrument) – Guided, self paced learning (with guidance lesson 1-2 times per month), exploring all factors of music, theory, mouthpiece discovery, jazz improvisation, practicing techniques and routines,scheduled as needed by appointment, 60/90 min
  • Mentoring – Same as Coaching plus exploring performance techniques, ensemble etiquette, getting and managing “gigs”, marketing/building your “brand”. Less frequent than Coaching.  90 min.

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Group Instruction

Jazz Music Theory

Various modules will be available for basic, intermediate, and advanced musicians. Examples of modules below:

  • Basics of scale and chord construction
  • Musical intervals and their relationship to melody and harmony
  • Discovering triads and 7th chords
  • Simple chord progressions
  • Jazz nomenclature (reading different types of chord symbols),
  • Basic diatonic music theory
  • Various blues forms
  • Exploring “rhythm changes” (and it’s variants).
  • Adding 9ths, 11ths & 13ths to chord voicings
  • Chord inversions
  • Reharmonization of existing melodies
  • Exploring modes and their use
  • A guided exploration of software, recording and printed “tools” to help you practice improvisation, arranging and composition on your own.

Jazz Ensemble

Exploring jazz ensemble work, reviewing the jazz “standard” repertoire, “jazz group” etiquette, maintaining a music library, and more

Exploring Digital Technology (Group and Individual)

This group will explore various computer software and iPad, recording techniques and methods for practicing, recording and performance.

Composition & Arranging (Group and Individual)

An exploration in composing and arranging for instruments in a jazz setting. This is an advanced group putting together the various elements described above in other modules.

Fee Schedule

* The group fee is based on a minimum of 6 students per group.

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